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The ManagedAnalytics platform provides analytics, optimisation and decision support capabilities to help asset-intensive businesses improve asset utilisation, workforce productivity and capital allocation 

From data to insights ...

With increasing automation and IoT device adoption across the value chain, frontline managers now have access to rich data sets of operational and financial data to inform decision making.

ManagedAnalytics helps realise this promise by bringing context to data, integrating key operational and financial metrics into the core business logic of the organisation.

The platform provides optimisation teams with a range of analytics tools including;

  • Dynamic constraints modelling across complex value chains

  • Predictive analysis and anomaly detection, leveraging machine learning models to analyse data and proactively identify variances and trends  

  • Sensitivity analysis

  • Time series analysis

  • Source-of-variance analysis 

  • Montecarlo simulations

Track improvements to the bottom line

The ManageAnalytics platform enables teams to develop improvement scenarios for whole-of-system optimisation

  • Proactively analyse variances and identify the root causes of performance gaps in key value drivers

  • Identify improvement areas and quantify the impact of operational and financial changes across the value chain

  • Goal seek optimal volume and production profiles

  • Develop and share multiple improvement scenarios with users across functions

  • Develop frontier charts across multiple dimensions

Integrated initiative portfolio management ensures that improvement actions and initiatives are created, implemented and tracked to ensure bottom-line impact. 

  • Create improvement initiatives with detailed implementation plans, issue and risk management and the ability to track multiple operational and financial metrics

  • Create custom initiative gating and approval workflows

  • Manage the progress of multiple improvement initiatives within the improvement portfolio

  • Detailed portfolio tracking and management including reporting on financial and operational benefits

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Frontline Management Support

Data is useless if it can't be used to support operational decision making.  The ManagedAnalytics platform integrates multiple operational and financial metrics and safety and event data to enable focused reporting and KPI generation to support operational decision making

  • Custom operational and financial reporting

  • User, asset and team-based KPI scorecards

  • Visual dashboards for control rooms 

More than just a reporting solution however, ManagedAnalytics integrates machine learning models for anomaly detection on key metrics.  This provides frontline management with alerts on variances to operating thresholds and emerging equipment issues; 

  • Exception reporting and alerts on equipment performance

  • Productivity analysis to identify equipment and operator-level performance variances

Decision Support
Close the gap to world class

The ManagedAnalytics platform contains a global database of operational and financial metrics from dozens of operations globally, encompassing hundreds of types of operational equipment, commodity types and geographies

  • Benchmark performance of your operation, plant and operating assets against comparable assets worldwide

  • ManagedAnalytics benchmarking metrics are updated continuously and have high levels of data integrity and standardisation as they are drawn from structured, contextual models 

Benchmark data is anonymised, opt-in and only available on a reciprocal basis

ManagedAnalytics' Performance Benchmarking module is not currently publicly available and will be released at the end of 2021

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