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Welcome to ManagedAnalytics!

Hi and welcome to ManagedAnalytics!

ManagedAnalytics is the culmination of insights our founder team, Thando and Nikhil, have gained and tools we’ve built over the past decade working with clients of all sizes - from small manufacturing plants to mega mines. We've designed and installed management systems, helped deliver double-digit productivity improvements and optimised large capital programs. In the process, we've observed the industry evolve and the different strategies companies have adopted.

They one thing they all have in common is the adoption of new technologies to drive productivity - from robotics and automation to IoT and machine learning. But they’re also almost universally struggling to realise value from these investments.

Common issues include growing data volumes, complex data systems, poor data integrity and complexity caused by innumerable MS Excel sheets on hard drives and in email inboxes. Sounds familiar?

These are significant problems – a relatively small mine loses millions of dollars a year to process and system inefficiencies. While there is considerable focus on improving productivity, the tools available to business for optimisation are fragmented, complex and tend to focus on silos – for example optimising load and haul or improving plant recoveries. Data analysis, initiative valuation, project management, KPI tracking and portfolio management all sit in separate systems and Excel sheets, further adding to complexity and inefficiency.

This is where ManagedAnalytics comes in.

ManagedAnalytics is a managed services platform that provides businesses with analytics, optimisation and decision support capabilities to help improve productivity, workforce effectiveness and capital allocation - in a single solution, without the need for specialised teams or capital outlay.

ManagedAnalytics was developed from the bottom-up as a tool to support operational improvement projects. As consultants, we understand the need to be able to quickly model a businesses' value chain to understand the underlying value drivers, and the need for analytical tools to quickly identify constraints and inefficiencies.

The platform goes further by allowing you to model optimisation scenarios to demonstrate the cumulative impact of improvements across the value chain and easily communicate it to senior leadership. Finally, integrated improvement project and portfolio management allow you to manage the change and track a range of operational and financial KPIs to ensure they actually deliver value to the bottom line.

The ManagedAnalytics Approach
The ManagedAnalytics Approach

This enables us to provide specific, high-value insights and analytics to support frontline managers, optimisation teams and decision makers at every level. These aren’t generic reports and pretty charts – they’re specific, actionable insights, integrated into customer’s management operating systems.

But wait, there's more!

ManagedAnalytics' unique platform architecture fundamentally transforms how users interact with data and business logic. Instead of each function creating their own Excel-based models that replicates data and business logic, duplicating effort and wasting time, ManagedAnalytics enables users across functions to work collaboratively on shared data and business models.

The ManagedAnalytics Data Platform
The ManagedAnalytics Data Platform

A single model can built by the modelling teams for optimisation projects, with cost inputs and pricing data maintained by financial and marketing and future equipment numbers and availability by the maintenance and planning teams.

This opens up the ManagedAnalytics platform to much more than just business optimisation - we have use cases in capital planning, budgeting, capacity planning, asset valuation and advanced analytics, including building and deploying machine learning models for predictive analysis and anomaly detection. We'll cover all of these in subsequent posts.

Finally, a quick word about why we're called 'ManagedAnalytics'.  

A key insight we've gained is that it is rarely the technical proficiency of solutions that causes them to fail - it's the lack of quality data and the skills and resourcing required to effectively manage them.

Which is why we provide the ManagedAnalytics platform as a service that optionally includes both data management and integration and modelling and analytics support. Which means our team will remotely extract, transform and integrate data from your operational systems, automating interfaces where possible and also provide online support to your teams to build, update and extend business models where needed.  All on a subscription basis, paying only for the resources you actually use.

In our next post, we’ll talk specifically about our insight and optimisation solutions for senior management, business optimisation professionals and frontline managers.

Once again – welcome to ManagedAnalytics! Please reach out to us if you have questions or would like a detailed demo and walkthrough, or to find out more about our licensing model and pricing.

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